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Rancho Cortez Rack Card

Posted on March 20th, 2014 by John Long

This is a rack card I was asked to design by a local Dude Ranch in Bandera Texas. They specialize in outdoor activities such and horseback riding, hiking, and fitness classes. They asked me to design a rack card that would showcase their ranch day trips, horseback rides and guided hiking. These cards are intended to be distributed to local hotels where Texas newcomers would likely be looking to take in the local sights and entertainment.

Lakes Consulting & Inspection

Posted on February 12th, 2014 by John Long

LCI---Lakes-Consulting-&-InspectionRecently I was contacted to create a logo for a young company located in the Ohio area. This company specializes in transportation & commercial construction consulting (civil engineering) and 3rd party inspections services. The client was in need of a logo identity for their new business. This was a case where they knew what they wanted to see in the new logo. They were certain they wanted a bridge depicted, the use of water, and, if possible the acronym LCI for the name of the company. I was able to deliver with the depicted logo you see here. This was a success because it was exactly what the client was looking for. They love it so much they have inquired about getting it copyrighted in the future.

RedBud Construction

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by John Long

A friend of mine had contacted me about designing a logo for his new company. Depicted is a logo I designed and was able to re-purpose after discovering my friend was unable to obtain the company name in his area (Oklahoma) because it was already taken. I took it upon myself to look up this company in Oklahoma City and find out if they were in need of a good logo. In fact, it did appear as if they could benefit from the logo I had designed recently. I contacted them and inquired if they would have an interested in obtaining one of the 3 designs I had done for my friend. They were highly impressed with this logo and immediately asked if they could acquire the logo for their company. We came to an agreement on price and they started utilizing the logo immediately on their trucks and business cards.

RedBud construction specializes in Insurance Loss Specialist (Fire, Water, & Storm), Remodel (Kitchen, Bathroom, and add-ons), Custom Homes, Roofing, Flooring, Designing, Established Design/Build Contractor, Construction Management, and Rental Properties. RedBud Construction’s website can be found at: and their Facebook page at:

Official Launch of El Palmito Restaurante Web Site

Posted on January 7th, 2013 by John Long

On weekends I can often be found in a local restaurant by the name of El Pamito. They have incredible breakfast tacos and an assortment of other great home made traditional mexican dishes. I was approached by the owner Adriana Villareal recently to re-design their website and implement it. What you’ll see here in the screenshots and my portfolio link is what I came up with. They really wanted something to help with their social media advertising efforts. I’ve included a facebook “like” section on the home page as well as social media buttons in the upper right section to help link the site to its corresponding social site.

I also wanted to help bring a little more flare to their palm inspired theme and bring that into the site. They already had a great logo to work with so it wasn’t too difficult for me to work with their branding and help develop a site that had sense of fun and quality in the design yet maintain a complimentary look to their overall business theme.

You can find the site at

Mach4 Systems 99Design Contest

Posted on June 22nd, 2012 by John Long

Well I’ve finally completed a rushed version of one of my logo concepts for a running contest online at The contest has been going on for 4 days and I’ve submitted a few different designs but ultimately decided on this one for my final submission with one hour left to submit. The mission and vision of MACH 4 is to provide players, parents, and coaches with a mental training system that supplies the organization, structure, and concepts that are needed to help them achieve their stated goals and perform to their highest potential.

I wanted to incorporate the four components of the mental training system yet retain a sense of speed that the program likely boasts about into the design. The four comet shapes also create an interesting cross shape in the negative space in between the objects that should give a sense of impending collision of knowledge. The contest ends tonight and the finalists will be selected soon.


Rise & Shine Ministries

Posted on February 14th, 2012 by John Long

This past week JL Design was proud to be a part of the unveiling of the new children’s ministry campaign entitled “S.O.A.R.”. This was a special graphic design project that was based around a flight theme that encourages kids to “soar” with God and learn the ways of the Bible. Each class group has its own cartoon-ish icon that helps define and separate that class from the others. It works in a hierarchy that encourages kids to learn and make it to the next level or class. Children start off as Balloons in the infants to 3 year old groups and move up from there until they reach Pilots which stands for an educated class of veteran child ministry kids. The unveiling included the conceptual flier, logo, classroom icons and even T-shirts were made to help promote the new children’s ministry classes. I feel especially grateful that my aunt Natalie put enough faith in me that I would do a good job helping their vision come to life.



You can view this project and other projects within my portfolio.

Cibolo Green Robotics T-Shirts

Posted on October 12th, 2011 by John Long

I recently had the opportunity to design a T-Shirt for a local elementary school’s robotics team. The T-shirts are green, the school’s colors and depict a vector art drawing I did of the robots they use. The students wear these T-Shirts during their competitions to help identify them as a team. On the backs of the T-shirts are the names of the students involved and teachers that guide the courses.